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Audio & Video Integrations

Peck Electrical Contracting has 10+ years of background and knowledge in the commercial and residential Audio/Video Industry. This field of work carries special attention to detail when planning and installing, paying close attention, future proofing homes and businesses to allow adjusting and upgrading equipment as technology upgrades throughout the years. 

Home Theater
& Entertainment

Our Audio/Video team consists of a group of young enthusiasts that specialize in music & modern technology. Paying close attention to detail and aesthetics, the PECS team will bring you along through every step of your project to ensure your dream project is completed to your liking and standards. Peck Electrical Contracting Services installs home theater systems and entertainment systems like Golf Simulators and Virtual Reality setups in Fairfield County, CT and throughout the Connecticut.

Backyard Pleasure

Our busiest time of the year for our whole house integration team is during the Spring/Summer.  We love installing backyard/outdoor speakers to make your yard into a living and entertaining space. From landscape sound and surface mounted speakers, to outdoor TV's and projector screens, we install it all. PECS knows the AV industry well, and can point you in the direction of when the best time is to build your backyard entertainment area is. Just give us a call.

Smart Shades

Upgrading your home or business with Smart Shades provides a clean, aesthetically pleasing appeal, as well as being a healthy convenience. Natural lighting is important, and these shades assure you'll be getting the right amount of daylight when scheduled appropriately. Peck Electrical Contracting is a certified smart shade insaller.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Peck Electrical Contracting Services works in high end commercial industries. The team pays close attention to detail, and works with architects and designers to appeal and satisfy our clients potential and future customers.

Puerto Vallarta (Dining Room)  - Stamford

Peck Electrical Contracting Services has installed Music, WiFi, Televisions, and Security Cameras for Restaurants, Bars, Golf Simulators and more around Connecticut. If you're looking for any type of commercial entertainment, you've come to the right place!

Restaurant & Bar

Puerto Vallarta (Bar) - Stamford

Home & Commercial Security

From simple wireless security, to high end video surveillance, Peck Electrical Contracting has your blind spots covered. We install surveillance for residential homes, commercial & municipal properties, including Colleges, Town Buildings, and Construction sites.

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